Final Presentation Prompt

What you will need to complete Core II

  • Present your project for 10 minutes (including time for feedback and Q&A) on Zoom answering the following questions: 
    • What is the project?
    • Who is the audience for the project?
    • What open questions do you need to answer to move forward with the project?
    • And including…
      • Some sort of artifact related to your project
        • A site map/wireframe, showing how your project will be laid out on the web (like an org chart showing which pages will be on the site) OR
        • A model for your project (like Wikipedia, but all about cats) OR
        • A design scheme (showing you’re thinking about the aesthetics of your project) OR
        • A module, lesson plan, a prototype…
  • On May 3, we will provide a sign up for you to select May 17 or May 24 for your presentation

You do not need to turn anything in beyond your doing your presentation. Luke and Lisa will be available for feedback via Zoom by request til June 17.

What you will ultimately need to present to IS Advisor (these are guidelines, but not deliverables for ITP 2)

  • A concise description of your project
  • A bibliography of references that place your project in scholarly context
  • A timeline of when you will hit key benchmarks in the project
  • A clear sense of the platform options you have for realizing your project
  • A clear sense of the skills and support needed to complete the project on time

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